How It Works
  1. Investors would purchase gold or silver from RSBL.
  2. The quantity of gold or silver and the timing of the purchase would be at investors' discretion.
  3. The investors will appoint RSBL Commodities Pvt Ltd to act as a custodian for the gold and silver bars in terms of professional vaulting and insurance.
  4. RSBL Commodities will act as the management company for the investors and charge a nominal management fee.
  5. RSBL Commodities will lend the gold and silver to various professional bullion market participants against adequate security and after thorough KYC.
  6. The borrower will pay a certain lending income to RSBL Commodities and the income thereof will be passed to the investors as stipulated.
  7. The borrower can return only those gold or silver bars, which are approved under the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)'s Good Delivery Bar Rules.
  8. Independent audit will be carried out on the stock in the vault. Details of the audit, statement of applicable charges and the income earned will be mailed to each investor.
  9. The investors will be able to withdraw their physical gold or silver from RSBL Commodities Pvt Ltd at any given point of time by following prescribed procedure.
  10. The investors will also be able to sell back their gold and silver to RSBL at any given point of time without taking physical delivery and by giving appropriate instructions to RSBL Commodities.
  11. The investors will also have an option of simply buying and storing the Bullion in the vaults without lending it. If in the future, the investors want to lend it, they can do so by instructing RSBL Commodities accordingly.
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