Vaulting FAQs
+ Who is Brink's Arya?
Brink's (In India, Brink's Arya) is a global leader in security-related services for banks, retailers and a variety of other commercial and governmental customers. One of their many services is vaulting of valuables. They have a presence in more than 100 countries and employ approximately 60,000 people. They are members of the LBMA.
+ Can you prove my bullion is in the vault?
An independent audit will be carried out periodically on the stock in the vault. The details of the audit will be mailed to the investors.
+ What stops Bullion++ itself removing my bullion without my permission?
When you invest in bullion through Bullion++, you sign an agreement with RSBL Commodities. The agreement clearly mentions that RSBL Commodities will not move, remove or sell your investment without your permission.
+ Is my bullion insured?
Yes, RSBL Commodities insures your bullion against theft, fire and natural calamities.
+ Is Brink's Arya associated with Bullion++?
The association between RSBL Commodities' Bullion++ and Brink's Arya is purely professional. Brink's Arya is responsible for vaulting your bullion.
+ How does the bullion get to the vault after I buy?
In India, normally bullion is imported and sold by banks/nominated agencies. Only those bars whose quality and weight standards meet the LBMA Good Delivery Standards are allowed to be imported as per Indian laws. Bullion purchased through these banks/nominated agencies are directly transported, handled and stored by vaulting companies like Brink's Arya. RSBL has also set the same standards for RSBL Spot and now Bullion++ . Hence, even if any borrower wants to sell bullion bars which are out of the vaulting channels, to Bullion++ , he won't be allowed to do so. All this ensures that there is no risk of tampering with your bullion.
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