Safety FAQs
+ What is the standard form of bullion in Bullion++?
The bullion that you purchase through Bullion++ meets the standards set by the LBMA. The denomination for gold bar is 1 kg(995 purity) and silver bar is 30 kgs(999 purity).
+ Where is my bullion stored?
Your bullion will be stored by the reputed professional vaulting agency ' Brinks Arya' which is a member of the LBMA, follows set standards and has a history of honesty and integrity.
+ Why is my bullion not stored in a bank?
Banks and other similar institutes do not have the vaults of the magnitude required to store voluminous bullions of the nature stored by RSBL Commodities. Apart from that, banks themselves appoint vaulting agencies like Brinks Arya to secure their holdings.
+ What protection measures are there for my bullion? How can I be sure that no one will steal my bullion?
Apart from securing your investment through a professional vaulting agency, RSBL Commodities also insures your bullion against theft, fire and natural calamities.
+ What if the borrower of my bullion defaults?
RSBL Commodities takes sufficient margin from the borrower and various other precautionary measures to encounter any such incident. However, RSBL Commodities takes complete liability for any such incident and assures to return the investor's bullion.
+ How do I check up on your records - to make sure they're sound?
You may refer to the reports of the independent audit that will be carried out regularly on the stock in the vault. Details of the audits, statement of applicable charges and the income earned will be sent to investors regularly.
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