Operational FAQs
+ How do I get started and buy my first bullion?
You can begin by clicking on the Get Started button on the homepage of Bullion++ or give us a call on +91 22 61245555. We will guide you through every step – from filling the forms to document submission.
+ What are the documents required?
You may refer to the 'Documentation' section for details.
+ How do I pay for the bullion?
Payments can be made through cheque or you can transfer funds with the help of RTGS or NEFT. For details on payments, you may refer to 'Making Payment' section.
+ How do I identity myself when I contact Bullion++?
When you register with Bullion++, you will be provided with a unique identification number (UIN). You can use the UIN to identify yourself when you communicate with the staff of Bullion++. Your email id and fax number will also be registered with us.
+ Can I get physical custody of my bullion?
Yes, you can withdraw your physical bullion at any given point of time and obtain custody of the same.
+ Where does my bullion come from?
When you invest through Bullion++, your bullion is bought from RSBL. The bullion is of LBMA standard and transferred via international banking channels.
+ Will the bullion returned by the borrower be the same as that lent to the borrower?
When the bullion is returned, RSBL Commodities as well as the vaulting agency accepts only those bars which are not outside the vaults and meet the standards ofLBMA Good Delivery Bars. This ensures that the replacement bullion is of the same quality and purity as the one you purchased initially.
+ What is a LBMA grade bullion bar?
London Bullion markets Association (LBMA) is an association that sets the standards for bullions world over. The bullion purchased on your behalf meet the standards set by the LBMA . You can read all about it here.
+ Will I decide whom I want to lend my bullion?
No. This will be at the sole discretion of RSBL Commodities. The bullion is lent to various professional bullion market participants against adequate security and after thorough KYC.
+ What purity of gold and silver is the bullion purchased through Bullion++?
The bullions purchased and vaulted through Bullion++ are strictly tested under the standards set by LBMA. LBMA certifies gold bullions only after the minimum acceptable fineness of gold is 995.0 parts per thousand and the minimum fineness of silver is 999.0 parts per thousand.
+ How does Bullion++ decide the prices, which it quotes?
RSBL Spot prices are professional prices determined in Indian wholsesale markets and are a function of International prices, exchange rates and local market dynamics
+ What is the 'spread'?
Spread is the difference in buy and sell price of bullion.
+ For larger deals, is the price negotiable?
No. The prices quoted are wholesale market prices. The size of the deal will not determine the prices.
+ The price of precious metals varies as per different locations in India and World. Why?
There are many factors that determine the rate of gold and silver and other precious metals in every region. Since the taxes, demand and supply and currency prices vary in various regions, so too the prices.
+ How am I paid when my bullion is lent or when I decide to sell?
The money obtained by a sale or the lending of the bullion will be paid to you via cheque/RTGS/NEFT.
+ Can I buy now and pay in installments?
No. We do not have such a provision at the moment.
+ Can I pay in cash?
+ Can I deposit bullion I already own?
No. We do not have such a provision at the moment.
+ What is the minimum purchase size?
The minimum purchase size for gold is 500 grams and that of silver is 30 kilograms.
+ What is the maximum purchase size?
There is no maximum purchase size.
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