General FAQs
+ What is Bullion++?
Bullion++ is a unique investment opportunity brought to you by RiddiSiddhi Bullions Limited, which is India's leading Bullion Trading Firm. The product helps the investors in tapping the undiscovered investment potential of bullions and receiving 'dual income'

Bullion++ at a glance:

  • Hassle free process of buying pure gold/silver at competitive prices
  • Hassle free storage in secured vaults.
  • An option to lend the purchased gold/silver for a certain period of time and receive attractive returns.
  • Hassle free process of withdrawing the physical gold/silver at any given point of time.
  • Hassle free process of selling the purchased gold/silver at competitive prices at any given point of time.
+ Why should I invest in Bullion++?
Investors looking to invest any amount over Rs 10 lacs in gold/silver, should look no further than Bullion ++. When you invest in bullion through Bullion++, you can harness its dual income advantage, competitive and benchmark prices, liquidity, ease of selling back, low cost of transactions, etc.
+ How much will my bullion cost if I buy from Bullion++?
The prices attached to your bullion are wholesale market prices. These prices are available on RSBL Spot trading system as well as on the website.
+ How does Bullion++ get me a better gold/silver price than other bullion sellers?
Bullion++ sources your gold/silver from RiddiSiddhi Bullions Ltd (RSBL). RSBL is amongst the largest bullion dealers in India and has a reputation for fair pricing. RSBL Spot is arguably the most successful online over-the-counter (OTC) bullion trading system in the world. The prices quoted on RSBL Spot are most competitive and considered as a benchmark across India. Your bullion will be purchased at RSBL Spot prices and hence you can be confident of buying at the right price. Taxes will be applicable as per the local tax laws.
+ To whom will my bullion be lent to?
RSBL Commodities, a RSBL group company, will lend your bullion to various professional bullion market participants against adequate security.
+ What is the management fees that I will be charged? Are there any other charges payable?
You will be charged an all inclusive management fees of 1% of the value of bullion purchased (which will cover the storage costs, insurance, lending costs etc.). Apart from that, 20% of the lending income earned on your bullion will be retained by RSBL Commodities.
+ What is the procedure for withdrawing or selling my bullion?
Withdrawing or selling of bullion is a hassle-free process and can be done by simply instructing RSBL Commodities.
+ What about liquidity? How can I be sure I will get a fair price when I sell instead of withdrawal?
The liquidity is high as RSBL always gives two-way quotes (buy/sell) on RSBL Spot. The prices quoted on RSBL Spot are most competitive and considered as a benchmark across India. Your bullion will be sold at RSBL Spot prices and hence you can be confident of selling it at the right price.
+ Why is the gold price here sometimes different from prices of Gold ETF?
Gold ETF prices do not truly reflect the price of physical gold because of cash components and Annual Maintenance Charges. Therefore, it is not possible to compare these prices with the wholesale market prices.
+ Where can I learn more about gold/silver?
To know more about bullion and the gold and silver market, visit the following sites:
London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)
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